Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Microsoft Surface: You Need To Know A-Z About It!

Microsoft created waves within the tech world on Monday night with the announcement of Surface, its new Windows tablet.

Everything regarding Surface—from the shroud of mystery round the Los Angeles launch event to the presentation’s concentrate on hardware and design—is out of character for Microsoft. The tablet (which can be viewed as a full-blown tablet or a hybrid tablet PC) is ultra-thin, with a 10.6-inch screen and USB, micro SD and micro HD video connectivity. Surface are on the market in 2 models, one with an ARM processor that includes Windows RT, and another with an Intel processor that includes Windows 8 professional. The tablet is truly powerful enough to replace your computer.

That’s conjointly due in nice part to the Surface’s touch cowl innovative keyboard cases. When connected to the device, the 3mm case doubles as a full multi-touch keyboard with trackpad. Microsoft designed the cover employing a distinctive pressure-sensitive technology. Panos Panay, a designer for Microsoft, told the audience that the cover’s pressure sensitivity can permit you to type considerably faster than you'll be able to using an on-screen keyboard.

And if they keyboard isn’t enough to convince you of the tablet’s hybrid computer standing, Surface includes a built-in kickstand for holding the tablet up at simply the correct laptop-like angle.

Microsoft gave away simply enough regarding Surface to invoke several a fan-boy, however there's still a lot of data left to be desired. We’re keeping our eyes peeled for announcements concerning the pricing, availability and processor speed of Surface. within the meantime, we’ve rounded up everything you would like to understand concerning the tablet and the way it stacks up against the competition.

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