Saturday, June 16, 2012

Manage Your cash, Get Deals at Your Favorite Stores with Budgetable

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Name: Budgetable

Quick Pitch: Budgetable offers you deals for the stores you look at most.

Genius Idea: A free tool that helps you save at your favorite stores, manage your cash and see that purchases you’re wasting cash on.

Are you bored with receiving deals for stores that you simply don’t even look at?

Budgetable, a free cash management tool, offers you customized deals from solely your favorite stores. By connecting to your credit and debit cards, the positioning detects that stores you pay the foremost cash at and provides you deals for those stores.

“People wish to require advantage of deals, however they don’t have the time to seem for them by exploring through countless websites,” Ryan Bales, founding father of Budgetable, told Mashable. “Budgetable appearance at what stores they look at most and provides them with deals for those stores.”

You can read and use your customized deals once you log into your Budgetable account, and opt for whether or not you wish to receive daily or weekly alerts. Users can even flick through an inventory of all offered deals.

The startup receives up to six commission on a number of the deals that they provide.

Budgetable additionally includes a built-in tool that helps you manage your cash. you'll be able to read your checking account balances and also the dates your payments are due, however If you wish to create a payment, the location can redirect you to the card’s main web site.

To help you economize, Budgetable uses heat maps and charts to envision patterns in your spending habits. the location flags any wasteful transactions to point out you which ones purchases you’re wasting your cash on.

“We seek for little, reoccurring purchases like low within the morning,” says Bales. “People recognize that they get it, however it's a distinct result once you show them that they’re spending $100 a month on low.”

Launched in might, Budgetable is connected to ten,000 banks within the U.S. and Canada. the corporate is self-funded and has approximately five hundred users.

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